Nowadays the crime rate among young people is increasing. Why do you think this is happening? What can be done by parents and teachers to reduce it?

Today increasing crime rate among youngsters has been a serious fret for society. Lack of attention by parents, over given freedom by them and influence of movies might be the prominent reasons for this wrong development. However, proper caring, monitoring and counselling might curb or lesson this concern.

Nowadays, movies portray scintillating action and full of crime stunts with giving invigorating  thrills and excitement which entices youngsters to commit in their reality. Consequently, trend gets set to perform of reel life in real life that leads youngsters for doing crime. Furthermore, some youngsters, being unemployed and because of inadequate skills or degree with nature of not to work being an employee, perform crimes to meet their needs and exotic desires.

Nevertheless, parents can perform a pivotal role in restricting such nuisance in youngsters by leading them to imbibe good virtues like respect, politeness, help and adaptability; same way by embracing certain aspects in life. E.g., by living in much control way not only by throwing impulsive emotions at failing situation, but also by believing in discipline and achieving something by doing hard work rather than performing criminal activities.

In addition, schools can held counselling sessions for individuals so that every youngsters can be taken into attention from the inception of their career and in this way, their development can be measured and oriented for being better citizen. Apart from that, Government can establish more service sectors with a view to subsiding problem of unemployment which also cant be averted that rising crime in youth.

Thus, rising job availability  prospects by government with parents and teachers' monitoring on their children's activities with time to time essential counseling and parental guidance will certainly descend the increasing graph of crime rate among youngsters.


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