Writing task 2 (an essay)
Some people like to see live performances, shows, concerts and so on. Others, however, prefer to watch them on TV or a computer screen rather than attending live shows. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

For a long time, TV screen had been the sole medium for getting entertainment which still has been favourite platform  for many people, while attending live performances or sports has revolutionarily increased that can have an edge of advantages than to enjoy from home in TV.

Event Management has become a faculty of learning these days that suggests about the increasing popularity of watching live performances. It has become a leisure activity for people to break their monotony of their mundane world. Moreover, people's interest and awareness have increased towards such things because of the media's exposure and people's affordability has improved remarkably to justify their such interest. Furthermore, broadcasters get sponsors to promote their product who use this event as their marketing strategy and they hire celebrities for the endorsements and to make it more glamorous. Consequently, people attend such events and find it more value for money.

In contrast, many people like to enjoy at home such events conveniently for several reasons; E.g., some people have great theatre system which gives better experience than the reality. They enjoy some experts comments during an events and they get virtually better high definition quality which hardly could be got in live performances. In addition, some people have some time bounding schedules and some cannot afford; for whom, TV or internet has been ideal thing not to miss these performances. Apart from this, some people avoid crowd and like some privacy which can also be reckoned not to go to watch lively.

Overall, live performances can give an electrifying and enchanting experience which is completely miss in enjoying from TV. Shouting, screaming, whistling, involving in Mexican waves happening in audience will certainly more refreshing. So, people should go for live unless they have time or money problem.  


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