Some languages spoken by very few people are losing their importance and may become extinct completely. Is it a good or bad development? What are the reasons for this?

Today influence of international languages is so dominant worldwide in communication that many languages have started losing their importance in correspondence from their own community. However, government or leaders of such languages can aware people about this issue and can make such languages' use to halt their extinction.

Nowadays, some prominent global languages like English, French etc. have taken a prestigious place in the international arena which comforts people in global communication very nicely. And this development has made young generation to be well versed and commanded over such global languages from the inception of their study. Consequently, people give more focus on such international languages over their own regional languages. Moreover, there has been shyness or low dignity felt by people to use their own native languages at public places as English is used to be spoken in official decorum around the world. As a result, this mindset of people very badly affects to use local languages.

Furthermore, because of globalization, people move to other countries for further study or to expand their business for which it's been necessary to learn such international languages which lead them neglecting in using or enjoying their own languages. In addition, Hollywood movies, concerts of stars are performed globally in languages like English, Spanish or in French which set the trend in youngsters to follow those languages and doesn't value entertainment that catered in their own languages which they find weird these days because of less pompous presentation. 

Thus, Government should initiate to held program in the languages which are likely to obsolete. Many celebrities should endorse this movement along with media which will certainly bring the attention of the people towards such extinct languages. And at last, people should also participate in this development of using such languages.


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