Speaking test

- What is your full name?
I am Ryan Clarke

- Can I see your ID?
Of course, here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Sydney

- Do you work or study?
I am a student 

- What subject are you studying? 
I am in bachelor of management studies. So I am studying accountancy, marketing, business law, economics etc.

- Let's talk about space.

- What planets or stars do you know?
I know only planets especially Venus, and Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn but not stars, yes I have seen many big stars even bigger than sun in Youtube but do not have complete idea about their names.

- Did you learn about space at school?
a little bit, but they were supposed to give more detailed ideas. So study might be more interesting.

- How often do you watch the sky?
Sometimes during evening I watch until sun goes down

- Why do you do it?
I feel good to be alone during that time, do contemplation and brooding of my career, i feel like as if I were taking to to the God. Moreover, I cherish those wonderful time of my desert experience of watching beautiful sky to get that kind of a view.

Cue Card 
Talk about a situation when you were watching the sky for a long time. Please say
- What was your experience?
- Why did you watch for so long?
- Who was there with you?
Before six months, there was a time during it'd been announced that multi thousands of meteoroids would rush towards the earth. And it was a summer vacation and I had joined at the same time one month space study program course. We were taken to the sandy desert where there had been a large vacant and deserted area. It was a time of late noon, and I was very tired. I was not enjoying at all but it was for a little while, because soon after I saw a sky in evening during the twilight, I was well amazed seeing so many colours so superbly merged into one another completely inseparable and yet looked very fascinating. We took many pictures also of sunset and beautiful evening. Not only that we were awakened early morning around at 4 and it was an amazing enchanting experience I had ever felt. I saw plenty of stars in the sky so in thick and constellation also. Our guide had identified us with various planets. And there had been surprise for us that soon was disclosed. He told us to stare towards the sky in a particular direction, I got baffled, yet did as he said and soon after plenty of shooting stars I was watching falling towards an earth, I don't think so I had blinked my eyes during watching that scene. It ran for almost 8 to 10 minutes. Later on, I realised they were meteoroids and not shooting stars. Then we were given Telescope and adjusted as per their guidance and saw the sky, and what would I say, I couldnt believe it. I was watching saturn and could see its three rings and many moons. Simply inexplicable. I was with my neighbour pal and we shared the similar experience that never had before. 


-Do you like swimming?
Yes, I do

- How often do you swim?
Especially on weekend, when I go to my Grandpa's House, we have swimming pool at there, So we do swimming during that time with my siblings and have great weekend fun

- Where did you learn swimming?
I learned in my school during my pre primary standards. It's been compulsory for every student to participate in sports and I made up my mind to participate in swimming.

- How old were you then?
Around 8 years

- What are the benefits of swimming?
See, it is the best exercise, our all body parts get exercise. We feel good fitness throughout a day if we do swimming for just 15 minutes.

- Should swimming be promoted in schools?
Yes, indeed it should be, that's the way only children can learn benefits of swimming

- Should swimming lessons be compulsory in schools?
Yes, it should be

- Why or why not?
Children can channelize their mood from routine study which they find many a times boring, and later on children can make their career in swimming even and can remain fit and fine.


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