Speaking test


- What is your full name?
I am Ricky Bevan

- Can I see your ID?
Oh sure! here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Melbourne

- Do you work or study?
I am a student of Environmental engineering

- What was your favourite book as a child?
Didn't fond of reading in my childhood but yes I enjoyed more reading Marvel's Comics

- Let's talk about colours.

- What kind of colours do you like to use?
Well, it depends on the things, If it was a house then would prefer maroon or blue, and if it was related to clothes, then would prefer black and red

- What colour would you never use in your home?
White, never at all.

- Why is that?
 Because it gets dirty very sooner and have to spend time frequently to maintain it clean

Cue Card
Talk about an environmental law that your country should implement. Please say
- What law should it be?
- Who should follow the law?
- Do you think it would be easy to implement and enforce this law?

Ans: I would recommend that country should implement kind of a carbon and plastic tax. There should be a limit given to the citizen to use carbon and plastic goods at a certain level, and when it goes beyond the limit,  the  person has to pay certain amount of taxes which would be used to control carbon's and emission in to atmosphere. And if it would beyond the permitted limit, the person should be penalized with some hefty fine. This would surely make person responsible and aware for the environment and in this way he will curb his use. Moreover, same law ought to be imposed for consumption plastic as these days its different forms in fiber materials used everywhere, from making household crockeries to body of vehicles and its dumping and recycled has not been that so satisfying. However, using plastic bags with certain units like of 20 microns or 40 microns has greatly helped in reducing cumulating dump of plastic as its recyclable. So in a nutshell, I tend to think about introduction of such tax would minimise plastic and carbon pollution significantly and will be proved a great law for the protection of environment.

- How would this law help the environment?
This law would indeed restrict some manufacturers who produce things discarding environments and have to redesign their goods with some eco friendly standards just like as such rules imposed to the manufacturers of fridge and AC, from which air of compressor has been not environment friendly and they have started producing ozone friendly cfc friendly products. So same way this law will be helpful.


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