Ielts Speaking test

- What is your full name?
I am John Davison

- Can I see your ID?
Oh sure! here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Sydney

- Do you work or study?
I am a student, currently in last semester of diploma in Mine Engineering

- Do you like reading books?
Yes, I do. Because It enriches vocabulary, gives ample ideas and thoughts and expands broad mindedness 

- What type of books do you read?
It doesn't matter. however it should be interesting, but yes do like more to read about autobiography

- Are you reading a book presently?
Well, I have just completed an autobiography of sachin Tendulkar's "playing it my way"

- Would you like to write a book in the future?
I don't think so. Because its not so easy as it looks, its a kind of a Herculean task, you should have tremendous grip over language and sense of understanding of readers

Cue Card
Talk about an article on healthy lifestyle that you read in a magazine or on the Internet recently. Please say
- What was it about?
- Why were you interested in it?
- Did you receive a sufficient amount of information from it?
I was looking for a diet that helps during dieting and through the surfing, I got an article about dietary plan for different professions. By seeing that headline, I got surprised and became curious how it varied from person to person on that larger extent. So I plunged into reading that article and found it interesting. Many pictures of different dietary plan with their recipes and with proper instruction about the frequency of intake during a day. I couldn't believe that rice and oats could be prepared with some tasteful gravies, and such items help to stay away from other routine foods. Below the every chart of item and its recipe, there has been a review column, where people had mentioned their views and many of them had already implemented and started feeling the difference overwhelmingly. They also mentioned that they didn't seem like on diet however they have changed their foods only. And not only that many doctors have also recommended that article in below section of comments. I was surprised by reading that of four to five times of intake need to be taken on during the diet. Nevertheless quantity should be restricted. I also found thorough information of calorie chart even. So, indeed found that information very interesting and useful also for my improving healthy lifestyle

- Describe your home country.
Well, it's a nice place to live with variety of ecozones with different climates from extreme to dry and tropical to moderate. apart from that multicultural people with their variety of languages and festivals and food.

- What do people do to have a healthy lifestyle?
It varies from person to person, some attend gym while some do yoga or aerobics, while others do dieting. All people have different approaches.

- Should children be educated about correct eating habits at school?
By all means, otherwise they will face may health related problems like getting couch potato, over belly, might feel less fitness, and get knee problems because of heavy weight and also these days there has been very less proportion of natural exercise they get from routine. So they should be informed with correct eating habits with what to eat in moderation and what in bulk.

- Should government encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle?
Certainly, government should. Because healthy people can only make healthy nation. So their role is undoubtedly required to promote healthy lifestyle.


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