Q: What's your full name please?
A: I am Jaydeep Joshi

Q: How shall I call you?

A: You can call me as jay

Q: Where are you from?

A: well, I am from Ahmedabad

Q: Can I see your ID, Please?

A: Oh sure, here it is

Q: Do you work or study?

A: Well, I have just recently completed my 12th

Q: What would you like to do in future?

A: I am looking for abroad for further education because I want to study in a global atmosphere. So from the beginning I can compete globally have to face less hardship to settle myself.

Q: Are there any lecturers that did you not like during school time?

A: Well, very few and at a certain time only when they restricted us in our enjoyment of any celebration only that time otherwise they were par excellent as far as their teaching was concerned

Q: How do you view teaching?

A: Well, it's an art or skill I would like to say and everybody can't possess that. Because teacher has to understand learners' IQ, understanding, grasping capacity and at the same time teacher has to be patient and have to teach with various methods and tailor made concepts

Q: Would you like to job as a teacher?

A: Let me be honest with you, if offers are lucrative, then would surely like to do because i sense that I can make the other person understand easily

Part 2 Cue card

Talk about an interesting conversation that you had with someone. Please say
What was it about?
When and why did you have this conversation?
How did it affect you?

Ans: In the last summer vacation, I was going to Shimla by train. There was a person sitting in front of me, looked from corporate world with a dignified post. After sometime we started exchanging smiles and greeting and that way we started conversation. We started discussion about many things but it didn't get interesting until the topic of handloom products came. Then he curiously initiated asking questions about handloom brands, qualities, durabilities and many more. I was quite surprised but tried my best to give answers. Further he asked more about a company which I utterly abhorred. So he asked me about my bias for that company which I have defended with valid reasons and arguments and evidences, he found a jolt and asked more counter questions. His curious interest and the way keenly he asked me I started doubting but had not exposed it. Meanwhile his station came, and he got stood up to move out from compartment, he gave his business card, and left to get off. Then I started reading his card and became pale and freezed by knowing that he had been the owner of the company which I had been criticising. So I got realise why he got hooked up in a conversation with interest. Still I remember his gestures and expression and feel that interesting. Later I called and said sorry but appreciated my feedback and this way we became friend and he helped me a lot then in future until he moved to abroad. so that was interesting memorable and important conversation that has changed me.

Part Three: Discussion
Q: How do people start conversation in your country?
A: Well, they start by greeting each other with God's name or by asking about weather or health

Q: Do men usually talk about the same thing?
A: Well, they tend to talk more about cricket, career and politics

Q: Do women like these topics?
A: No, very rare women actually. I don't want to insult that gender but yes they can do talking endlessly on TV soaps, shoppings and about their family matters.

Q: Do you think phone and face to face conversations are different?
A: obviously, see we might become shy or nervous in face to face conversation which happen very rarely in telephonic conversation. And also it depends on the person with whom we are talking, if we do it with loved ones then it doesn't make any difference because we can visualize their expressions, emotions, gestures, body language etc.

Q: What would you prefer personal or telephonic?
A: Indeed personal as I don't like phone talking that so much.


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