Speaking test
- What is your full name?
I am Charles Lara

- Can I see your ID?
Of course, here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Cameron

- Tell me about your home.
I live in an apartment. It has 3 bedrooms, hall, kitchen and having good air and light circulation, located near to the main downtown. So its been a good experience of living there.

- Would you like to live in a different home in the future? 
Not really, as I have born and brought up here in this home. So have a great bondage with this home and with the surrounding, so I don't want to move at else. but who knows what is there in the destiny. For my job I might have to move else and have to make compromise.

- Let’s talk about newspapers.

- Is it important for people to be informed?
Yes indeed, in this way, they get updated with the present scenario.

- What news do they really need?
They require to have the ideas about current affairs, local news and international trends 

Cue Card
Describe a successful small business that you know about. Please say
- What business is it?
- Who is running it?
- Why do you think it is successful?

There is a family living in front of my apartment. They have their own fast food cafe. They have started that business before five years. Initially, they sold milk only. However, they have nice space in front of the house so got point in mind to open up a cafe. The owner himself has been a good cook and he had been accompanied by his wife in preparation. They have two sons who also helped them in serving and in making. Then gradually they have started taking orders on phone through whats app, sms and calls and started providing free home delivery services. Many old people live in this area so always they find problem with making arrangement of food. So this concept came in mind of owner. These days, many corporate people come here for lunch and snacks too. These shop people always maintain hygienic standards well and make the things in front of us. So the quality of stuffs and ingredients they use that we can see. And they use health friendly stuffs. Sometimes, we may feel that we take better fresh things here than at home. Moreover, they also charge nominally. So its been a small business of that family but they have been very well satisfied and enjoy that business though there has been significant manual labour in that business. All people appreciate their services and quality and hence I believe that business is successful. 

- Is it easy today to run your own business?
Not really, on the contrary, its a tough task because of prevailing cut throat competition

- What are the important fundamentals of a successful business in your opinion?
Thorough product knowledge, and have insight to sense about bringing future updation. in addition, customer and employee satisfaction are also essential for a successful business.

- What should a person concentrate on when starting a new business?
About the market's condition, whether it would be booming or declining and the supply of money and the focus customers

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small business?
less risk of money that is the advantage and small margin of profit that is the disadvantage

- What do you think about family business?
its a great platform for the next generation if its interesting to them and blooming nicely.

- Do you think the Internet is important for business? Why?
by all means, with that only, the transaction and mailing communication has really made the business faster. So, its inevitably required.

- Will it be important in the future?
There will be no alternative of saying yes to this question. Because technology only will be the world for exchanging feelings and doing businesses and for living too.


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