Nowadays people are living longer and some believe that this can contribute to people's development. what are the causes of this change? Is it a positive or negative phenomenon?

Today, aging population has been a sensitive issue for many of the countries as this generation has not been so productive for growing economy; however that is not true in case of first world countries where this generation contributes notably, being a great human resource which might have turned up unemployment at there.

In the last two decades, there has been the stupendous increase in the number of old people in world due to medical advancement which has benefitted some developed countries in sustaining skilled labors in employment for a long span. However, such countries also face a problem of unemployment significantly. E.g., Japan, Sweden and USA share this common problem which might have led their youth to commit antisocial activities to maintain their survival.
On the other side, third world countries face a dearth of food stocks and other basic amenities because of the aging population. Moreover, these countries' government have an inadequate budget to supply essential services to their citizens. E.g., pension, unemployment insurance benefits, medical etc. In addition, there has been a little contribution by old people in a developing economy. Hence, such countries carry huge responsibility and face many hurdles to nurture aging population. This trend has been prevailing in Asian countries like China and India and in many African and Latin countries where old people's contribution is minimal.
In conclusion, the government of all countries should adopt tailor-made methods; like developed countries should spread more industries reckoning future needs so that unemployment will decrease and poor countries should embrace advanced technology for better food production and simultaneously create small scale industries where old people can work. This will minimize the problem of old people significantly.


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