Computers have made the world a better place to live. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Today computer's intrusion in man's life have brought ease to them. From laborious tasks to executive operations, all can't be performed without computer. However, this role of being an integral part of people, computer has also emerged sensible health issues which cannot be neglected.

Inception of technology, in performing from petty tasks of household chores to mega projects of space program, has changed working patterns and operations phenomenally and computer's role has been pivotal in all areas. All duties used to be performed with some finger gestures only these days which has indeed smoothen the life of people. E.g., computer and its miniatures like palmtop, laptop, smartphone have been assisting all generations tremendously in present days, like digital teaching with smart classrooms have made study very interesting and rich for students; same way business operations have become more attractive through different computer applications and in some developed countries robots have been hired for nursing old people. Thus, computer has created life inexplicably beautiful that hardly could be imagined in the past.

However, these benefits of computer have also simultaneously made man static and idle. Initially, computer had been designed to save time of people so that people could enjoy life in excursion or in recreation in remaining time. But man's blind fury of earning money has started exploiting computer more for more money which has confined his movements within table and chair or couch and alienated from natural exercise. Consequently, 30% weight that has been increased in people with problems of obesity and poor fitness. Moreover, more aggravating to this factor is unhealthy fast food and junk food towards what people turn to save their time for more earning via computers. As a result, people's resistance power and health have become weak even though the lifespan of people has increased significantly.

In a nutshell, people should use computer with not only reckoning ample benefits but also considering its  negative impacts which might bring severe fitness issues if people will become immobile and fully dependently live on computers.


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