Latest ielts band 8 speaking test

1. How is the education system in your country? 
It's good but not the best. 

2. Do you find it a good system? Why? 
It depends on city and locality. These days many number of private schools have opened up with well equipped, smart classrooms but at the same time they are costly even. So everybody can't afford it.

3. How did you choose the subjects for your study? 
Well, I was very good in maths and science from my 8th to 10th. So that helped me a lot in selecting science subjects for my further study.

4. Did you take someone’s advice?
I took many a times from my dad and my teacher as well for my career. 

5. Do you think it was a good advice? Why? 
Yes, Indeed it was a good advice because They were the people who adviced to go in science by showing my strength in understanding logics and sums. So, I got good confidence to go in science stream and both my father and teacher appreciated and welcomed my decision. 

6. Do you think it is always good to follow the advice you are given? Why? 
Not every time because people are not aware every time in which circumstances we are sailing. So everytime their advices may not suit us.

7. Have you ever given advice to someone else? 
Yes, I had given advice to my cousin to join some extra curricular classes of dancing and swimming rather than joining any tuition classes for supporting the study because these days students pass quite easily but physically they seemed not healthy and fit.

8. What do you think about advice in general? 
Well, It's a great time pass activity that everybody likes to give but nobody likes to take. 

9. Do you like nature in general and trees in particular? 
Yes, I do like some great natural landscapes with panoramic beauty and some green and serene places. And even trees I also enjoy whenever I visit my native place and would like to play in their branches. 

10. Do you have a childhood memory that includes trees? 
Well, I used to play in surrounding of trees in childhood when I went to farm and wondered there and played hide and seek and other games in those meadows and trees.

Cue Card
Talk about an ambition that you have?
-What is it?
-Why do you want to achieve it?
-What have you done to achieve it?
-Well, I want to get further degree from foreign country and want to get settled over there. That's my ambition because many developed countries like Australia, Newzealand, Canada offer great facilities to their citizens. E.g., free education up to 12th standard, free medical, unemployment insurance, pension after retirement. And apart from this, good safety standards are there, and people can get platforms and exposure to perform worldwide. These benefits have attracted me to make up my aim to migrate to one of such countries and want to settle there. And because of belonging to third world country, I couldn't access all such facilities. Moreover, there is no existence of human rights in my country they are only for capitalists and politicians. The corruption in government is so much that we can't get our work done without bribing. Police rather than giving security they threaten the people because people usually don't have knowledge of laws. But that doesn't mean I don't love my country. It has a great variety of celebrations, have abundant tourist attractions, with versatile cultures and cuisines, but these are not adequate for living. So, I have been trying hard to clear those entrance exams of those foreign universities which can lead me to fulfil my ambition.


1. Explain why you have not achieved it yet.
See to achieve that ambition, I have to be thorough professional with depth of knowledge which I'm looking for gaining through my further study. So, I want to pursue further study which pushes me to achieve my goal.

2. How important is it to have an ambition in life.
See, without the ambition a person doesn't like to move on.In other words, ambition pushes man to efforts which shine out his talent and character. And the person can also enjoy that journey of reaching to the aim.

3. Do you think children need to be taught to be ambitious?
Yes, Indeed but at the same time we have to reckon that they should not become over ambitious. Otherwise they might fall in depression or in frustration or lead towards anti-socialism if aims remain unfulfilled.

4. Is it important to have ambitious people in society?
Yes, by all means, if the society has the ambitious people then they can uplift the society to the next better level.

5. Do you think ambitious people in past affect us today?
Yes, in fact very greatly, positively as well as negatively. E.g., Hitler with his over ambition to win the world has diminished many countries and people and so many people still have scourge or abhor german people as specially jewish. On the other side Bill gates and Steven jobs with their ambition of creating technology has changed the world sublimely.


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