Some people believe that students should be allowed to evaluate and criticize their teachers to improve the quality of education. Others think this is disrespectful to teachers. Discuss both views, give your opinion and include relevant examples.

Today many educationalists want students' active participation in improving the quality standard of teachers which has been seen as an insult of teachers by some experts. However, students can address under the proper guideline of a special committee which can be framed with co-participation of teachers and students both.

Nowadays, parents and students have also become aware of the function of education and like to contribute to some key factors and one of them is an evaluation of teachers. It is an opinion of some critics to enroll students even in process of giving feedback of teachers with showing their requirements and expectations too from teachers. E.g., Some students prefer more teachers of their age who are familiar with their generations' complex lifestyle and can understand them. Same way, on the other hand, some genius students want experienced teachers with having field experience so that they can get the impression of their future challenges and atmosphere in the workplace.

However, sometimes students fail to see beyond the mindset or skills presented by teachers at the classroom and drastically make up their mind with some negative impression of teachers if teachers might have become harsh or strict to them. Hence, to give a complete freedom to students to criticize their teachers might not be justified. E.g., some arrogant students, who have received punishment because of their wrong behavior, might remark negatively to take revenge which utterly sensed insult of teachers if such students' evaluation is going to be reckoned.

Thus, a committee of teachers with students' representatives, selected from groups of intelligent, mediocre and weak students, can perform together teacher's evaluation through the questionnaire which should be prepared by some expert educationalists. This will not hurt teachers' respect and will maintain their dignity too.


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