At Gift shop     

Welcome ma'am, how can I help you?
Well, I am looking for a gift.

May I know ma'am, is it for a man or Woman?
It’s for my brother, for his Birthday.

Ma'am, do you have any idea about what does he like?
Well, he likes mobiles, perfumes, clothes, games etc.

Ok ma'am, come here, ma'am, here there are various kinds of branded perfumes, choose any of them, your brother will definitely prefer it.
Well he has already too many perfumes. I just want to give him something unique and different.

Ok ma'am, come in this section, here, there is a wide range of male clothes and accessories; these are the nice things to present.
What about that black wallet?

Ma’am it will cost you $10.
Oh it’s nice and beautiful and affordable even. I will definitely buy it.

Good choice ma'am, by the way, anything else ma'am?
By the way, give me that birthday card even.

Oh sure! And can I wrap the Gift ma'am?
Yes, by all means, I will like it and where do I have to pay?

Ma'am, you pay at there, at cashier’s counter, you will get the bill even      
Oh yes thank you

My pleasure ma'am, I hope ma'am you got the satisfaction, please visit again       
Oh! I will. Bye

Bye ma'am, have a nice day
You too, bye bye


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