Speaking test


- What is your full name?
I am Harshit Dave

- Can I see your ID?
Oh sure! here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Ahmedabad

- Do you work or study?
I have just done my 12th and waiting for my result

- Do you like shoes?
Oh yes, as I am an athlete, like to run and sprint so always have fascination for shoes.

- What kind of shoes do you like? Why?
Definitely sports with the extra rubber grip. However I also consider the occasions like if I had to attend party then would like to wear party shoes even. 

- What do you prefer to have many or few friends?
well, few and close friends are easy to manage, we need not require to explain the situation and have to maintain formal relations.

- What do you usually do together with your friends?
we go for a hangout together on weekend. And do assignments and projects together.

- Do you meet them often?
yes, through out the day we keep in touch through cellphones, Facebook and what's app. and even use to meet in evening and have discussion related to cricket, career and politics

Cue Card

Describe a band or a singer that you like. Please say
- What kind of music do they play?
- Where and when did you hear them for the first time?
- Why do you like their music?

Well, I would like to talk about A. R. Rehmaan. He has been performing as a role of a singer and music composer in Bollywood Industry, Indian Film Industry. However recently he has also started giving music in Hollywood films even. He has won an academy award Oscar award for producing the best music in movie Slum dog Millionaire. When I was in fifth standard at that time he has composed a song in Movie Bombay.Its been musically blockbuster. Everywhere people use to be found with the same song. The jingle of the music sensed everywhere. Since then onward, I have become fan of him. And he has produced consistently a pure and worth to listen music. In his music, we can find from soft and soothing to hard and rocking, fast music even. So he has been versatile in giving music. He is used to singing even and has fabulously sung in movies Dil se, Guru, swadesh and in many more. He has taken out the best out from the new singers and has made their career on the track like of Sonu Nigam, Mohit Chauhan, Hema sardesai and etc. If we want to feel tranquil and want to be hallucinated by music then his music is the standard dodge. he has his own band and also perform live concert world wide.


- Should we focus more on traditional music? Why?
No its not necessary but that doesn't mean that we have to neglect our traditional music. Its a recognition of our culture. an identity that cant be forgotten. But that doesn't mean again that we have been imposed the traditional music only. 

- Do you think having a good voice gives you an edge over others? Why?
Yes indeed, people always like to listen the other people who speak like chirping sound of birds. And in this way they easily win the admiration of people.

- What main qualities are required to be a good singer?
Ideas about musical notes, rising and falling rhythm, understanding of words and meaning to deliver emotions and passions related to song. These are the prior things I am afraid a person should have if he wants to be a good singer sorry great singer.

- Do you think the government should promote music in schools?
By all means, in this way children can channelize their moods from routine study which they find many a times boring. And however these days children have opportunity to make career due to the availability of exposure or plate form worldwide.


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