Below is the latest ielts speaking test very lengthy asked in Malaysia 

Speaking test

- What is your full name?
I am Kelo Tamang

- Can I see your ID?
Of course, I'll like it

- Where are you from?
I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- Do you work or study?
I am a working person, I do research in a pharmaceutical company
- Do you enjoy your work? 
Yes, I do

- Why?
See, I have been in this field for 5 years, so I have got good expertise in my role and responsibility, initially it was tough, but now I am enjoying.

- Is your job interesting? 
Well, I find it interesting because I am enjoying, but a person has to carry out many responsibilities with precise concentration, so it depends completely on a person whether he finds it interesting or not

- Would you recommend it to others?
Initially who can bear the work stress, to them, would love to recommend, while to the rest would love to say go else

- Do you read newspapers?
Yes, I do read

- How often do you do it?
During the morning breakfast, I glance on main headlines

- What kind of news do you prefer to read?
I tend to prefer more sports, technology and Hollywood upcoming movies related news quite more, but if I find some interesting articles related to business or else topic then would love to read them even.

- Are you interested more in local or international news?
Its not pretty fix, it depends on incidents and news story published in the paper

- Lets talk about mobile phones.

- Do you text other people using your phone?
Yes when in case if i cant attend their call or occupy in some work then alert them sending text or templates, that way only I do texting these days

- Did you have an experience of a text message misunderstanding?
Before a week that happened, actually I have designed a template for some typical, irritating friends that don't call again, and in fact I sent it to my close friend by mistake, who found it very insulting, and had left contact with me for couple of days, then we meet and I sort out that my mistake by telling the fact, no doubt ha has taken party from me as a compensation

- Do you think we will use more of text messages or direct calls in the future?
Definitely, will call more, because telecommunication services will become very affordable

Cue Card
Describe your experience of working or studying with a group of people. Please say
- When and where did it take place?
- Describe the team or the group.
- What did you do together?

There was an assignment given us in the final year of college, a duty of social cause to do teaching in area where underprivileged children and illiterate adults lived. We were seven friends in a group, 4 boys and 3 girls. We had been given a village where the bus came twice in a day only. lack of electricity in many houses. We met local authority then we friends designed our tasks and according to that plan, we started moving in all parts of village, met the people got the idea about their schedules, developed tuning, initially they were doubting on us, they were afraid that for that duty we would get millions of dollars, then they realized, but still they didn't have any will to study, and shockingly they couldn't sign even. So we arranged two batches, For children it was held in morning and evening batch held for adults. we didn't only teach or preach, but we performed many drama, gave them ideas about health and safety and precaution and many more. we made them aware with government laws and their rights, we also arranged sports and games and distributed prizes even. So it was a fantastic working experience in a team with the group of people for the group of people and filled us with great self esteem that we had done some great things without considering reward but for the sake of humanity. we earned loyal and emotional friendship with those villagers and still we use to visit sometimes for a hang out

- How did you feel after the teamwork?
Felt great

- Did you enjoy this experience?

- Do you think a group always needs a leader? Why?
Not really, It doesn't require at every time, if things go smoothly with having good mutual understanding, then no need of leader.

- Do you prefer group or individual success? Why?
Actually both kind of success give man a great joy, personal success shines out a person's strength while group success brings people of a group closer and joins together.

- Do you think international collaboration is important? Why?
Indeed its important, doesn't matter whether you belong to first world or a third world country. First world country needs raw materials of third world's and third world needs technology of first world's. So it is obvious that need of international collaboration.

- Do you think there will be more or less international collaboration in the future?
- Why do you think so?
Definitely more, as all nations are becoming horribly powerful. And climate, terrorism, and to face many hazardous unforeseen problems, there will be more international collaboration. Moreover, People will be global, as well as their businesses and touring and internationally all will come very close to each others. So all countries will require to work collectively so there will be more international collaboration. 


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