All around the globe every year many animal species become extinct. However some people feel that governments should be concerned more with solving the problems of human life. Discuss both  views and give your opinion. 

Today extinction of animal species has made government take prompt action of establishing sanctuaries for conservation. On the other side many critics emphasize to prioritize more for solution of problems of human. However, a small proportion of capital can be spent for prevention of extinction of animals.

Nowadays, disappearing of animals have turn into a global issue and situation has been aggravating more in many cases of animals like lion, tiger, rhino, whale etc. If these animals are not sustained properly, next generation might confront the same problem of remaining unaware with wildlife the way we use to be in case of Dinosaur. So, government can frame planning commission for animal conservation and can restrict human intrusion in such areas of animals without permission with fining as well for hunting even.

However, in establishing sanctuaries and national park, government requires capital and many experts believe that such money need to be spent for many humans who still deprived with basic facilities like access of roads, drinking water, energy etc with living in a very miserable dwellings. Nevertheless, barring animals, environment cant be reckoned perfect as animals are also like trees and other natural resources which complete the sense of environment. Therefore, animals too have privilege to live and to exist and money to be spent on them.

Thus, allocating at least ten percent for setting up special residence with a caring unit to prevent animal extinction and simultaneously sharing the same task with other NGOs and social or business organizations, government will be able to solve the problems of human life too with saving animal species.


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