Ielts Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people think that students at school need to learn practical skills such as repairing a car or maintaining a bank account, in addition to traditional academic subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and support it with examples.

Today many educationalists recommend having practical subjects in curriculum for students like repairing and some other life skills in addition to routine subjects. These practical subjects can familiar students with the other side of the life and can channelize interest in learning.

In present scenario, many essential practical skills are not taught to students from their families such as basic functions of repairing of home tools and equipment and knitting, stitching or making the things best from the waste. This scenario is prevailing because students might be living in nuclear families and spending little time with grandparents. Moreover, both parents do earning to meet with paying bills which restricts them to give some practical ideas of living. As a result, sometimes students find difficulty dealing with the situations which required such skills. 

Furthermore, such studies of practical subjects might give some change to weak students who find study monotonous consequently this would help school to curb drop out ratio as some of the students leave school due to lack of strength in academic subjects. In addition to that, today any practical skills can be adopted as a profession for living; e.g., many businesses like Movers and Packers, Catering, Embroidery are basically associated with such practical skills that hardly taught at school. If such skills enhanced in school children from their earlier standards simultaneously with the regular academic subjects, they might get an alternate option to use for living in case of being failure in study.

Thus, school authorities should include practical skills related subject in curriculum. This will preserve students' interest in attending schools and also will shape their common sense of applying same ideas in their own circumstances which later can be the source of bread and butter for some weak students.
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