Speaking test


- What is your full name?
I am Ravi Verma

- Can I see your ID?
oh sure, here it is

- Where are you from?

I am from Delhi

- Do you work or study?

I am a student of business administration in last semester of bachelor

- Describe the climate in your country.

well its always been sunny in majority of the year, however it varies from place to place and season to season

- What are the seasons in your country?

generally summer dominates majority of the year that runs almost for the eight months, while winter and monsoon they both remain for two months each

- Do you enjoy distinctive seasons?

sometimes, feel something different, something distinctive, but not for a longer time or I start feeling bored

- Would you like the weather to stay the same all year round?

Not really, I really enjoy all kinds of weather as we do different things according to weather; like going for a hang out if shiny and cool sunny weather, if rainy then we enjoy some fried spicy foods,  so always love different weather conditions 

Cue Card
Describe an experience that was a complete waste of your time. Please say
- What happened?
- Why do you think it was a waste of time?
- How did you feel after that?

Recently I have gone to watch a movie that was Exodus: God vs Kings. I have felt that movie so monotonous that I started getting headache and feeling heaviness  which has spoiled my whole Sunday. well, I have seen the teaser of that movie in you tube before 2 months and its been simply splendid. I have made my mind to watch that movie as soon as I saw it, and waited curiously for its release. I went for movie on the first day of release. From the beginning the movie was so slow, boring and pathetic that I started yawning in the theater, even I maintained my interest and was watching so eagerly that something would really turn up in next scene and interest might be risen, but that moment hasn't come. Meanwhile, at the catastrophe, I realized that I was dozing, and stretching my eyes widely very desperately to enjoy the movie towards the end. And suddenly move was end, i couldn't believe it. I was very infuriated with movie maker. simply they have shown some graphical scenes and situations with some loud music only, but very poor in editing plot and in casting. I was so fed up and tired that after watching the movie I have gone to home directly for sleeping but my headache has never permitted sleep the whole day. Really that movie was such a waste of time.


- What tasks are a waste of time in your eyes?
sometimes unnecessarily surfing in the net and watching the soaps of family drama really are a waste of time

- What do you know about time management?
well what to know, indeed its a good thing if someone knows well managing time properly. people always appreciate such persons who possess such characteristic.

- Do you think time management is important for children? Why?
obviously its not only important for children, but for all human-being, to get ready, to do homework, cleaning their room all such things in a specific time would make them ready for living in future when they never feel stress and can enjoy to do things in time  and can utilize time perfectly for leisure even.


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