Writing task 2 (an essay)
Some people believe that the use of mobile phones in
public is as annoying as smoking and should be banned, similarly to smoking. Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

Nowadays using mobiles in public has been nuisance. However, very few people operate phones in public with proper etiquette without disturbing others. And the way mobile has been integral part of life these days, peoples' claim of banning mobiles in public as smoking can’t be accepted.

Today mobiles have made the communication revolutionarily faster. The way fully loaded smartphones provide assistance in making business smoother and through different application software also facilitate entertainment and many more things that hardly can be imagined to do with phones in the past. This has led every people possess phone always with them. However, many cell phone users disguisedly talk loudly in a phone or keep phone’s ringtone very noisy either to make show off or have inadequate sense of phone operation in public.

Nevertheless, claiming ban on using mobiles in public can put people in problem or in crisis sometimes. E.g., many nuclear families keep in touch through mobiles only as their working shifts have been different sometimes. Moreover we can run for instant help to anybody like an old person or a child when they feel uncomfortable and look for help and at that time if we were in public and there was a ban in using phone in public might fail us to reach them in time. So banning mobile’s use in public can create more troubles in keeping contact or communication with near ones.

Thus, Government should organize seminars and through media and celebrities should aware people to operate mobiles with proper sense that does not disturb the surrounding. And through monitoring they should penalize to the offenders who behave with phone haphazardly and annoyingly. Consequently, all citizens will get the skills of using mobiles in public.


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