Writing Task 2 (an essay)
Nowadays in many countries people are following the latest fashion, hairstyles and so on. Why are they so influenced by fashion? Is it a positive or a negative development?

Today fashion has taken a dignified place in youth's consideration. According to their nature, personality and reckoning occasions, such youngsters implement fashion or hairstyles. However, a person with beauty in his behavior and knowledge can make a greater impact than such external decoration.

Nowadays, due to plethora of media, people obtain information about their favourite celebrities' life style and fashion and simultaneously follow that trend. Some channels always endeavor in presenting them so eloquently that many people get susceptible to that way of living. Moreover, for many media this has been their bread and butter and hence very frequently they post articles about latest scenario of fashion by taking interviews or arranging fashion shows. Thus, fashion has become a parallel economy. 

Furthermore, some youngsters get attention through unique fashion e.g., going under knife surgeries or body painting like making tattoos or tanning their bodies as well as do piercing in special parts of the body or with unique hair styling. However, adopting new fashion has always been used to serve a purpose of getting stand out from the herd of people. Nevertheless, many legends of society, e.g., business tycoons, scientists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists earn attention in public or in media because of their knowledge and versatile salient features of virtues of discipline, and hard working etc. rather than fashion that hung on them or hairstyle with they appear.

Thus, fashion and hair style and many other grooming skills give merely a momentary pleasure, as real appreciation or attention can better be achieved through quality of knowledge and work. E.g., a person in tuxedo can look majestic however his thoughts and ideas indeed make him an iconic person.


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