Speaking test


- What is your full
name please?
I am Samuel Lara

- Can I see your ID?
Oh sure! here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Kampala the capital of Uganda

- Do you work or study?
I am a student of bachelor of mechanical engineering 

- Describe your accommodation please.
Well, I live in an apartment, its been very nice and cozy

- Is there any market or shop nearby?
well actually many of them, because downtown is very near. So people can confront many street markets and malls even. 

- What kind of sky do you like? Why?
sorry I didn't get you

- Do you see the sky from your home?
yes indeed, we have a nice terrace where we use to sleep at night in summer

- Which season do you like? Why?
See, I like all the seasons, because every of them has something to offer which other cant, E.g., summer offers mango and here in winter we have not freezing cold climate and in monsoon the downpour runs longer that always releases our stress; So really enjoy all the seasons.

- Do you think the weather has any effect on traveling?
Depends on territories, some places where extreme climate is there, at such places very adverse effect always be there on travelling, roads get blocked or slippery like that

- Do you check the weather forecast daily?
Not really, but sometimes enjoy seeing different climates off world by seeing weather forecast on tv or on internet

- Do you use the Internet to check it, or watch it on TV?
I have an application of weather that gives detailed account of different places.

Cue Card
Describe a toy from your childhood that you liked a lot.

- What was it?
- When and how did you get it?
- Why was it so important to you?

I liked a remote controlled car during my childhood. I have got during my fifth birthday; and receiving that gift, I was completely out of the world. Before that I had not such kind of a toy, but many of neighbour kids had, so I had been crying a lot for that toy to my dad. And he promised me but every time he used to forget. Finally, I was not in mood on my fifth birthday since morning. And he asked about the reason I told that He would again give me a false promise of that car. So he laughed loudly and took me high in his hands and hugged me and then we visited market at once  and he bought me a nice and beautiful red Ferrari. I was extremely pleased and my friends envied me and of my car, as it was a new in that time. so I nursed my pride even. Very innocent moments bonded with that toy, and still have kept in my store room.


- Do you still have that toy?
Yes, but not in a working condition.

- What type of toys do children like today?
well, these days, they like costly electronic gadgets more, like play station , xbox, mobiles etc.

- Do you think toys have an influence on the mental development of children?
of course, some children unfix their toys and repair them even, some have the interest about the design of toys and like to draw, so all these really contribute significantly in their mental development

- How do toys help children to develop physically?
see, it depends on toys, E.g., if a child plays with remote control car, then he has to run behind the car for maintaining the signal, so it gives exercise, same way, a ball of soccer or basketball can bring the same benefit.

- Do you think nowadays children get too many toys? Why?
No, not at all. now onwards, they have the maturity to play with some complicated gadgets so dont prefer toys.

- What toy would you give to your child?
I would like to give a toy that contains pieces from which one can make circle or triangle or rectangle through different way, this would sharpen his understanding and I would also see the market trend of games even then will come on conclusion.


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