Cue Card 2
Talk about an old person that you know well. Please say
- Who is the person?
- Do you like the person?
- How much time do you spend with the person?

I would like to talk about my friend's grand father. He has been an exceptional person unlike the others in thinking. I have been knowing him since my childhood. He used to come for us to school for picking up and to drop. At that time he was used to telling us many stories about great virtues, ethics, sportsman spirit and more about other things. So its been a great fascination in me for him since childhood. He was the person who had given me advice for going in science stream after my secondary education by seeing my strength and interest in machines, gadgets and in circuits. Otherwise, My parents wanted me to go in business management studies. He is my mentor even yet. His anecdotes are very amusing and he has great sense of humour that can create boisterous laughter. We usually meet on weekend at public library that addiction I have got from him. At library we share quality time in discussing about businesses, politics, latest released movies and many more. He always welcomes change not like the other old fogies so he is welcomed everywhere. All people enjoy his company. So he has been a great, a par excellent man.

Discussion 2
- Is there an old person that you are impressed by?
Yes, in fact many of them, as I have mentioned in cue card about my friends's grand father and apart from him many business tycoons are also living in my neighborhood. They have been well established but their discipline and simple way of living completely eye catching.

- Why do old people like to interact with children?

because they always like to share innocent fun that they really enjoyed during their time. Moreover they also develop good skills of citizen in them by telling good stories of mythological  stories of heroic deeds of God.

- Why do old people interact with teenage groups?
Just to guide them, to warn 
them about their way of living life or decision that can change their career in right or in wrong direction. And they should do.


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