Over the last few years more and more students enroll in universities. This situation creates competition among individuals. Do you agree or disagree? Is it a good or a bad development?

Today significance of education has been increasing among students which has resulted more of them seeking university education. This development has indeed risen the cut throat competition among students in study and in getting employment that might sound the economy of a nation.

Nowadays, education has been reckoned not only for gaining information but also as a tool for surviving in the world in terms of getting jobs, earning decent money, and for higher living standards. As a result, more number of students have started look forward for quality study from university.

Furthermore, due to exposure of media, students have realized about quality life rather than performing laborious work in primary sector, due to this understanding, many students aspire for universities as they might become able to get widely accepted degrees which broaden their horizons of getting work not only from local areas.

Moreover, research that has been part of students’ assignments in universities enhances their creativity and innovation that proves chances of getting employment. Nevertheless, seeing explosion for education, many capitalists have started investing in education business which has been reputed badly.

Many of such universities with appealing infrastructure, providing wi-fi zones, with big campus, eye catching graphical leaflets and advertisements attract students successfully however fail to give proper standardized educational benefits. Consequently, earned degrees from such universities fail students in acquiring jobs.

Thus, enrolling more admission in universities can be taken into consideration as a positive development of nation in overall. However, government should assist students to choose the best university for quality education  experience otherwise earned degree from non-reputed universities will trouble them for better  employment  prospects.
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