Speaking test

- What is your full name?
I am Raghu Ramanathan

- Can I see your ID?
well, it will be my pleasure

- Where are you from?
I am from Kochi

- Do you work or study?
I am a working person in private sector

- What are your duties there?
I am a production manager, and have to deal with aspects of making production cost low, for that have to bargain from the companies we buy the raw materials and simultaneously looking for the other options etc.

- Do you like your job?
Initially I found it monotonous and felt that I should not deserve this job, but now I really enjoy because I have got experience and expertise even.

- Do you like nature?

Yes, I do, I belong to the place of nature, Kerala, God's own country.

- What is the best way to learn about it? Why?

just go and explore, plenty of things will come out that a person can find them worthy, e.g., fresh air, foods, natural coolness under the shelter of trees, mysterious woods in days and in nights and many more

Cue Card
Describe a game that you play as a good practice for your health. Please say
- What game is it?
- Why did you start playing it?
- Do you enjoy playing it?
- Why is it good for your health?

Well I tend to practice more by playing cricket. its a team sport and have to do fielding bowling by running from a distance and batting. In fielding our reflexes get better, and through the bowling our judgment our perception skills and accuracy get improved, and through the batting, our patience gets harder. Through captainship we learn to take out work from others, leadership and strategies and many more. My dad and my elder brother they used to watch cricket on TV and screamed louder somebody hit boundaries or sixes that means hits ball out of the park. So  I became more keen to learn about this sport. Since onward, I have been playing this sport and enjoying as well. And as far as health point of view, it gives many exercises like, we have to run, jump, glide, slide and many things that enhance our health and stamina. 

- What other activities do people do for their health?
Well many of them do swimming, yoga, diet and laughing exercise, different people do different things according to their mood and capacity

- Why should people care about their health?
Otherwise they will not enjoy life at all. with the heavy belly and obesity people might get tired soon and cant enjoy any excursion and look forward for rest. So they should care their health and can enjoy the life in any circumstances.

- Should employers take care of their employees’ health?
Yes, indeed they should care, Indirectly that will benefit company.

- What should they do about it?
Well, owner should provide nice ambiance at work place, furthermore he can arrange some picnic or tours on certain occasion, can held seminars by welcoming health experts and the most favorable thing, sometime should allow to work from the home, this will certainly make them feel better in a company.

- Should governments do something about public health?

Yes because healthy citizen only can make country progress. so they should maintain awareness in people about health and can motivate to attend public gym, parks and other types of health centres.


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