Two IELTS test takers in Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia remembered the following information about their recent exams. 

Speaking test 1
- What is your full name?
Ans. I am Sanath Dilshan
- Can I see your ID?
Ans. Oh sure, here it is
- Where are you from?
Ans. I am from Colombo
- Do you work or study?
Ans. I am a student of computer engineering
- Where do you live now?
Ans. I live in Kandy
- Tell me about your neighbors.
Ans. well, they are good, friendly and party people
- Do you think this place is good for families with children? Why?
Ans. yes indeed, because many parks and hobby classes are running in this city and parents like to make their children participate in sports and games, which all children really enjoy
- Do you use maps?
Ans. yes I do
- What is the difference between electronic and paper maps?
Ans. See electronic maps are enabled in smartphones, and they require proper supply of battery, and internet connectivity while paper maps don't require such stuffs only they require is the proper signs of direction in paper
- How did you learn to use maps? 
Ans. Well my friend got the smartphone and he had the Google maps with GPS navigation system, during hangout on his birthday, he was driving a car and instructed me to operate and I followed his instruction. No doubt somewhere I made mistakes even, but it was funny
- What is the best time for reading, morning or evening? Why?
Ans. well it depends on a reader when he finds comfortable more, that time is the best, then doesn't matter whether it is morning or evening
- Do you like to study in a quiet or crowded room?
Ans. If its study then would prefer in calm place. Otherwise if it is interesting article related to sports or movie then I don't find any trouble with surrounding with whatever crowd is there in the room.
- How can you keep your concentration when studying for a long time?
Ans. well, in the beginning, I breathe deeply for thrice then I start learning. Moreover, I divide the study in small units and target to complete in specific time. In this way, I can maintain my concentration.

Cue Card
Discuss an instance when you shared information with someone. Please say
- With whom did you share it?
- What information did you share?
- How did you feel after that?

In last month there was a gathering, I had been with my friends and meanwhile another friend came. He was asking for a nice budget smartphone, and certainly I started giving him solution by asking some questions related to his requirements. Many friends before that incident considered me dumb in technology. But with my bunches of information with all specifications and configuration. All friends had started doing cross inquiry in their internet or calling on some toll free number. And they were surprised, and after that I have not been dumb any longer in my group. and started nursing my pride secretly.

- What do you know about data privacy?
- Do you think sharing it over the Internet is good?
Ans. well all information should not be shared like password or a/c no. etc. but birth date and pictures of any events can be shared to some close friends

- Why do researchers share information online?
ans. In this way they aware the people with latest survey report and help them to live better. e.g., many research on chocolates and other food products caution us to what extent we can eat. Hence, its been good habit of them sharing information online. 


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