Writing Task 2 (an essay)
Some people believe that media (such as newspapers) should be allowed to publish information about the private life of people. Others say that people have a right to privacy and the issue must be controlled or even stopped. Discuss both views.

Today media has also been becoming money seeker and always engaging in covering the story of people and their information in their private life which spices the interest of public attend that media. However many critics condemn this way of exposing people's private life which might motivate youngsters to commit in their life.

Nowadays cut-throat competition in media has also led them to publish or broadcast some unusual from routine stories; e.g., Today many newspapers publish photographs about famous celebrities' uncensored pictures of their holidays in their own moods which give some elders jolt and make young followers imitate that trend that can not be considered proper. As a result, either such celebrities lose their charm from mass of audience or inspire others to commit in a same way.

However, some motivational incidents of people's journey in getting success can be presented with related to their personal struggle; e.g., many business tycoons with their innovative and creative mind have gained sublime glory with mediocre academic performance like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. Such people can set example for development of the world. Media, newspapers can depict their personal life with their allowance for inspiring others about their personal preference, daily schedules and work ethics and managing that creative consistency.

Thus, media or newspapers should reflect about people’s positive side which will inspire the others rather than projecting people’s personal wrong habits e,g, acts of any mishaps in club or addiction to drug etc. This will curb the nuisance spreading in people, in society and tread others towards achieving that feat.


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