Our one student has submitted writing model of letter writing which has been good attempt done by him evaluated by our team.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)
Your neighbour burns his garbage near your house. Write a letter to him and include the following:
- Complain about the situation.
- Explain about the effects of his actions on your family.
- Suggest a solution.

Dear sir,
             I am residing in your neighbourhood in 74 chorleywood street, writing this letter to aware you about the problems we have been facing because of your activity of burning garbage near my house.

             I have moved here before 2 months. since that time I have been noticing about this act. Initially, I had not been in problem since my shift was at night. So before I came back to home, things got restored in its normal order, the smoke was not being felt too much in atmosphere. However sooner I realized, as my shift changed from night to day, about that you have been dumping garbage outside and used to burn it. This pile of garbage stinks so much that I could not breath easily even and found the atmosphere completely foul.

            The waste collector comes every morning at 9 am to collect garbage. So do all your waste stuff ready by that time at your door. Hoping that you understand my problem and will change your way of dumping garbage through burning.

kind regards,
Mr. Gibbs (73, chorleywood street)


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