Speaking test


- What is your full name?
I am Anna Swan

- Can I see your ID?
oh sure, here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Macau

- Do you work or study?
I am a student, Just recently completed my bachelor in International Trade and Export

- What do you do?
Currently I am preparing for further education in abroad for my masters

- Do you like your field of your study?
Yes indeed, because I've always been very interested in business since my higher secondary standard.

- Why did you choose it?
well, I always feel that I can be a good entrepreneur, I like to think inventively and want to do something different and want to contribute something to society. so I choose this faculty to groom my interest.

- Do you like to travel by car?
yes, I do, but train's journey always enjoy the most, as its always be a peaceful and safe and we can do our task simultaneously

- What do you prefer, to receive or to give gifts?
Definitely receive more lol..., but yes I do like to give people of my near surroundings on special occasions like on birthdays, or anniversaries

Cue Card
Describe something that you brought back home from
holidays. Please say
- When and what was it?
- Whom was it for?
- What happened to it?

In last summer vacation, when I visited Mount Abu in India, I brought back with me the traditional dresses of that place. I bought it for my younger sister who is fond of collecting the famous things of the particular places. When I saw those dresses while touring, I felt very typical that how these people could bear such weighty clothes on their body, that is the dress of 5 pieces. first a typical garb that is known there as 'kurta', which is used to be knitted with colorful woolen threads as well as with different decorative materials like glasses, stars, marbles etc. also enriched with decorative elephants, horses on shoulders, on hat. And in lower, that was very comfortable and uniquely design with tightness at leg wrist but very loose at thighs and makes feel very light and comfortable and it is known as 'pyjama'. apart from that many outer short blazers and scarfs at on top and at waist. She found it uninteresting, but after wearing them she got delighted; took snaps and uploaded in facebook and shared with friends even.


- Do you prefer to buy souvenirs or useful things? Why?
Yes souvenirs, by all means, because through all such things things, we recall our experiences of journey and great nostalgic feelings and memories of the places which have given us a great joy.                    

- Is it acceptable that local people sell souvenirs?
Indeed they can sell. Because through selling souvenirs, other people can inquire about the things and places and in this way might they can get good tourism.

- What is your opinion about the asking price for souvenirs?

well sometimes souvenirs are sold very costly at the same place which need to be recognized. So we can take help of the local people about guessing the price of the souvenirs before buying them.

- What would you like to buy when you are on holidays?
I tend to buy local post cards with the pictures of local tourist places and with their descriptions. that would sound our knowledge and keep it in our mind for a longer time. I have a good collection of such postcards.

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking 
Advantages like we can link our journey experience and time with places and frame in photos, while sometimes people with the dull photography skills, ruin the real charm of the places that is the disadvantage in my concern.


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