IELTS Speaking test in the Philippines and India – November 2014                                  
Our friends M and N who took their IELTS exams in the Philippines and in India remembered the following Speaking questions:


- What is your full name?
Ans. I am Ethan Hunt

- Can I see your ID?
Ans. I'll like it, here it is

- Where are you from?
Ans. I am from Italy

- Do you work or study?
Ans. I am a working person

- Where do you live now?
Ans. I live in a Rome

- Can you describe your place?
Ans. Rome is the capital city of Italy and has cosmopolitan cultural diversity with great holiday destinations, millions of tourists use to come every year.

- Which part of the house do you like the most?
Ans. I like my own bedroom where I have all my bits and pieces of my mood like play station, laptop, music system, a small library, etc, and a bed where I feel cozy and  I slumber there peacefully

- What places in your hometown are special to you?
Ans. Let me be honest with you I like churches more to visit, because I feel more like to close to God, and feel great tranquil in my heart and soul, especially in Vatican city in st peter church

Cue Card

Describe a friend with a habit that you would like to develop. Please say
- Who is your friend?
- What habit does he/she have?
- Explain why you would like to develop it.

Ans.  Well, I would I like to talk about my friend John, who has been exceptional in sense of humour, that habit I would desperately want to develop. No doubt, its not easy to develop such habit, because its been considered a god gift, a kind of natural phenomenal talent. But even looking for adopting a some of bit. The way he easily pranks the jokes or fun from any earnest situation, his anecdotes are so amusing sometimes create boisterous laughter in public that makes us feel embarrassing. And due to this he is used to be welcomed by people at anywhere, deals the situation quite easily without getting panic. On the contrary, nobody can bear me more than half an hour or start suffocating because I am that kind of serious, studious always talking about serious affairs of the world. So indeed look forward to have such skills so I can make people laugh and they find me funny and enjoy my company for more than half an hour. lol...


- Do you think children develop habits quickly?
Ans. Yes, because they are very much observant and fast in mimicking others,and do perfectly without any guidance of screen play even.

-Do you think it is better to wait until they grow up to reinforce good habits?
Ans. No, not at all, the good habits can be developed easily when they are blank and unaware with world, and making them accustom to such habits would be good for them rather than reintroduce at later stage.

Let’s talk about older people’s habits.
-What are their popular habits?
Ans. attending library, criticizing youth about their lifestyle and so on.

- Is it possible to change their habits?
Ans. Well, it depends only on the person's will power, very few can succeed but can change.

- How hard is it?
Ans. a Herculean task or can say Achilles hill to climb, because habit is the thing that happens and remains in mind in subconscious even, so it takes time and requires patience and support even.


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