- What is your full name?

I am John Gallick

- Can I see your ID?
Oh! sure, here it is

- Where are you from?
I am from Milan

- Do you work or study?
I am a student. I have just done my BBA

- Do you like your study?
Oh yes, I do

- What do you think about handwriting?
Well it's a good characteristic if anyone possesses. 

- Do you think it is possible to know somebody by their handwriting?
No its improper; e.g.,majority of the doctors have bad writing, so that doesn't mean that they are good or bad.

Cue Card
Describe a prize that you would like to win. Please say
- What prize is it?
- Why would you like to win it?
- What do you have to do in order to win it?
I would like to win a prize of the best chef in my society. Because I have been participating for three years, and just only with the few points only I could not make it. I have been living with the family whose members are known for their cooking skills and I have been told again and again that I could not achieve that feat, so want to prove them wrong. Initially I faced many hurdles like very much slow in chopping vegetables, in understanding the combinations of gravy with proper items and about dressings even, nevertheless, in all such attempts I always made things tastier or you can say delicious but made kitchen very messy. Gradually had been improving my all skills, sensing the taste even without eating or sipping, but wanted to do something exceptional, so used my hands in different continental dishes, the unique experiment distinguished from others. my family members have been scolding about this new unusual trend but my friends all have appreciated and found it mouthwatering and yummy. So look forward about this competition and feel confident this time of winning.

- Do you think employers should reward their 
employees more?
Indeed, they should reward provided on their performances.

- How do you think they should do it?

In different ways like in forms of giving  foreign tours to the seniors and vouchers of movie tickets or for restaurants or outlets might work.

- Do you think professional athletes earn too much money?

Yes, they do, however they deserve, the way they handle the pressure of people's expectation and sponsors and have to give the best every time with limited span of career in tough competition. so certainly they should be given more.


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