Speaking test


- What is your full name?
* I am Sayeed Mohammad

- Can I see your ID?
* Of course, here it is

- Where are you from?
* I am from Doha The capital of Qatar

- Do you work or study?
* I am a student, I have just done my higher secondary education and now look forward to abroad for further education.

- What is your favorite color? Why?
* I like Green very much, as it suits me much. My all friends appreciate me whenever I put on green, I feel relax and comfortable in that tone.

Cue Card

Talk about an old friend that you had at school. Please say
- Describe him/her.
- When did you meet him/her?
- Why did you become friends?

* I would like to talk about Fawab Ahmed, He was the best buddy during my school time. We met for the first time in 3rd standard, during when our maths teacher had given project to us in a group. In this way,we met for the first time. He could not flourish ideas about maths, so I got a glimpse that he might not be good at maths. and I have done exceptional work of his side even on behalf of him. same things happened in next month, but this time he helped me in making our project together in history, He did my part even. So I still remembered that though we were kind of small school kids, but we had tremendous respect for each other. and rather than competing we subset each other's requirements and helped. However, this lasted for until we came in 10th standard. from then after he  moved Switzerland for hospitality study, as he was from that background, and I have stayed here because need some time to cope up with living lonely in other country.                     


- Do you like street markets?
* Yes, I do like

- What are their benefits?
* we can get the things that sometimes not available in stores or in branded outlets and even in very cheaper rate.

- Are street markets common in your country?
* In Doha and in other semi metro cities, we people could confront at main downtown very frequently.

- Let’s talk about maps.
* ok

- How often do you use maps?
* Quite frequently, especially on the weekend, when we friends get together and have some hangout for long drive, at time we need it to know about restaurant where delicious cuisine served.

- Do you prefer electronic or paper maps?
* Actually I prefer electronic map more, as Google's map application is enabled in my smartphone, where i can access local areas or address well. nevertheless, I use paper map as well at tourist place where sometimes I cant get network or when battery would be likely to drain.


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