In the past people used to live in one house their whole life. Nowadays people live in several different places during their life. What are the reasons for this change? Is it a positive or a negative trend?

Nowadays, inadequate availability of requirements and prospects and lucrative home schemes perform a major role to attract the people to live or move to other places. However, living at a perfect place for a longer time and spending money in personal or in business development can be reckoned wise move.

Today, for better neighborhood, green and serene place and for complete living experience people live at one place and change it frequently for seeking the best. Apart from that, sometimes good job prospects and better living standards also make mindset of people change their home to developed places where they can enjoy the utmost benefits of best living; e.g., people from villages and developing countries migrate to cities and developed countries respectively.

However, such steps of moving other places sometimes detach people from their own culture or tradition; e.g., some employees due to their company’s order shift places frequently which lead them forget about own traditions and life. Moreover, in the past such scenario was not existed as people worked within the shorter distances that could be approachable to come home by evening. And, people's adaptability was better than present people have. In addition they had been happy living with relatives and family members nearby.

Thus, people should live at one place that helps them to socialize with neighbors and places rather than changing frequently which might lead them towards solitary life. However, for better exposure and platform they can move to other home only after thorough inspection of availability of basic resource related to their need and flexibility.

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