An ielts candidate who scored 7.5 bands here mentioning about his core focus and weaknesses that he has found in his preparation, what important thing is he has not gone through any special coaching sessions but visited our essays and executed in that way.
Following the tips have
been shared by him for noble purpose to help the others:
“I am not a native English speaker and I hardly speak in English at all in my state. However,  getting a 7.5 surprised me, not because it is good, but because I expected more, especially in the writing section. I am quite sure I made no grammatical errors at all in writing, and I met the word limits. Here is my advice to do better in ielts:

1. Writing: Avoid grammatical errors, do not exceed the word limit by more than 10%, and try NOT to use too many bombastic words (which is one of my tendencies, as I like to include words like VentripotentConcupiscence and MellifluousMagniloquence, and most importantly, try to make it content-rich and cohesive (this could be one of my weaknesses). Additionally, I think I wrote something like ‘Apropos of this statement, I am in consummate discord/accord with it’ and I am not quite sure if this is accepted as a correct sentence in the eyes of the examiners, so it is best to avoid.

2. Speaking: The MOST important part is DO NOT GET STRESSED. I know it is impossible not to have butterflies in the stomach at all, but the best thing to do in this part is to think of it as a casual conversation with the examiner, and try not to show too much tension. Speak as much as you can, avoid errors if possible, and correct yourself whenever you realize you made a mistake.

3. Reading:  I think I would be able to do better by first reading the questions (rather than the text first) and focusing on what the questions ask. This component is indeed the most challenging race against time.

4. Listening: For most candidates I think this may either be the easiest or hardest part. Firstly, read the instructions (the number of words required) and the questions, and try waiting for the recording to reach the point of possible answers. In case you miss the part and the recording moved on to another question, leave the first question and try to fill it in with possible words later (better than to leave it blank).

I wish this would be of some help to the other ielts candidates. Good luck for  Band 8+ :) “


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