What's your name?
I am Mr. Gibbs

How shall I call you?
You can call me Gibbs

What you have done in your education?
I have done Masters in English Literature and professional degree course for teaching English as a second language

Why you select this subject?
As I have been interested in this subject since my childhood and always got fascinated while my teacher very humbly taught me and poured interest in me through rhymes, poems and short stories
Why you want to learn in us?
Let me be honest with you, this US degree will help me to get job easily while I will back in my country. And I will get the best international platform that will make me sound to do business in future globally.

What makes you decide this university? 
I have surfed a lot in internet, and got the information about this university that welcomes around 30,000 students a year with approximately 5000 students internationally. Have recently launched program of research that has been popular among students when I saw in their facebook page. Moreover, I have seen their college tour in YouTube video that has shown me  its campus with unique ample size library and gym.

What you want to learn further?
I am looking for doing MBA in US. Because I have almost nearly 3 years of experience in my job and want to have promotion or to do business independently.

Why you don't want to do from your home country? 
Well, as I have mentioned that I want to get international exposure, and study experience in US indeed will make my resume very attractive.

What's your future goal? / What you want to do further after completing this course? / How this Course will be helpful to you? 
I want to start up my own business of soft skills development. Because its demand will be great as many people face many problems dealing internationally with lack of certain etiquettes of manner, writing skills, speaking in public while giving presentation. So I want to be helpful by giving them grooming skills through my own center.

Who is sponsoring you? 
Of course my dad

What's his income monthly? 
Around $2000

What's his profession?
He has his own business, a departmental store

How long he has been in this field?
Since 12 years, before he had been working in the same profession for 3 years, then thought to open his own.

What's his annual income?
It remains in between 25 to 30 thousand dollar


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