How to describe Daily Routine: see the dialogue of two people, you better come to know

Daily Routine

1st: So how about your routine these days?
2nd: Well, it’s as usual, nothing different

1st: So, when do you get up in the morning?
2nd: Well, I get up at 5:30 a.m.

1st: Then after, what do you do?
2nd: Then I clean teeth,
take tea,
                    do some warm up exercise,
        then     read newspaper,
        then     take a bath

1st: So, do you take breakfast in the morning?
2nd: Yes, I do

1st: So what kind of breakfast do you take?
2nd: well, I take crispy or crunchy breakfast with tea or coffee

1st: Then after what do you do?
2nd: I start doing some household duties
        Like washing the clothes, cleaning, moping etc
        Then I do cooking

1st: So when do you take lunch?
2nd: I take it at around 1 pm

1st: Do you take alone or with anybody else even?
2nd: Well, I take with my family

1st: Then after?
2nd: Then I take nap for a while

1st: Then what do you do in evening?
2nd: I go for a shopping of grocery and vegetables
        Then return at 7 pm
        Then make dinner
        And take it at 8 pm
        Then I watch some tv programs and go to sleep at 11 pm


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