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Here, we are posting the latest IELTS speaking test questions with answers. Hopefully this attempt will rise your confidence.


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PART 1 Interview

1.       What is your full name?

Ans.    I am Jenna Archer

2.       How shall I call you?

Ans.    You can call me Jenna only

3.       Can I see your passport please?

Ans.    Oh! sure. Here it is.

4.       Do you work or study?

Ans.    I have just recently completed my Graduation in IT

5.       Describe the place where you live?

Ans.    I live in Seoul. Its a nice place to live. All basic amenities are easily available. Its been safe for women even till midnight. And downtown is also very near that is the main advantage so that I can do Shopping very easily and frequently. No doubt my father hates that.

6.       Do you like it there?

Ans.    Yes, indeed.

7.       Is it a great place to raise children?

Ans.    By all means, Many parks and gardens are located here. Many institutes run creative and hobby classes. So children can really enjoy living here.

8.       Will you stay there in future?

Ans.   depends on Job prospects and exposure, so I will live there as long as I will be getting these.

PART 2 Cue card
Describe a city that you have visited recently.
- When and where was it?
- What did you do there?
- What did you like or dislike about it?

Ans. Recently, I have visited Agra, in India, It's  been a very beautiful place. I have gone to visit this place with my father who has some business meetings at there.

This place has many number of historic monuments built during reign of Mughal Era. In all places, I like Red Fort and Taj mahal very much. Taj mahal is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. Its beauty is simply the best, completely inexplicable. Made in white marble and looks as same as from all four sides, very gigantic sculpture. while Red Fort is completely different. Inceptionally, I thought  that it would be mere a giant castle. But inside the Fort there was a city inside with many places of market, theatre, food streets and kings' palaces. These all are worth visiting places. One can not find the way if he lost. Very distantly scattered all these places inside the Fort. So nobody can see in a single day. People of city are also very friendly and always endeavour to assist. They have great hospitality sense and I have really enjoyed, had taken many selfies and snaps with others and posted on my social sites and many people inquired about this place too. Just only drawback I found that has been dirt. People seemed not taking care seriously about maintaining cleanliness around such beautiful places. Later, I have heard that government has initiated towards that part; but overall felt a great experience.

PART 3 Discussion
1.      Why do most people live in cities?
Ans.  Because in cities, People get better lifestyle and facilities of fast transportation, quality education and medical facilities within quick time. In addition, many  scopes of getting employment because of prevailing many industries.

2.     Why were cities established where they are?

Ans. Due to their geographical location set near to the port that had been used for international trade practice. So they might have been erupted where they are.

3.     Do you think city planning is important? why?

Ans. Indeed, its important or it will get crowded that will create many social problems like unemployment, accidents etc.

4.     Why are there better education offers in cities?

Ans. Because,the infrastructure and availability of tools and technical gadgets, and people are well educated. So they choose wisely for education facilities. while in villages people have all these limitations.

5.     Would you prefer living in city or in town?

Ans. Definitely in city because as in city many institutions of education and sports and hobbies are located and recreational places like multiplexes, restaurants.However, I will visit once in a blue moon to the towns even to get different experience of fresh air and wondering in farms and watching natural landscapes with great panoramic view. so would love to exploit the fun of living at the both places.


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