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I hereby giving you the most frequent questions asked in IELTS Exams in last three months. Do it according to your profile, your liking and disliking, some of them get repeated, so don't scared seeing the long list.
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IELTS Speaking Module: Part One Questions

- What subject are you studying?
 I am in last sem of civil engineering

- Do you like your neighborhood?
yes, indeed; because, they are very socialized and well mannered, always support in good or in bad events

- Is your neighborhood good for small kids to play in?
yes, absolutely, as there are so many number of parks and gardens with rides and some of us always be at there when kids are playing. hence kids enjoy living at there.

- What kind of weather do you prefer?
Well, I like sunny weather very much because everything looks very bright and beautiful, nothing seems gloomy. so I feel great freshness and energy while wondering.

- Do you and your friends discuss the weather?
Yes as its been an easy way to start dialogue or communication

- What seasons are there in your country?
well, there are mainly three seasons. generally summer dominates throughout the year, which runs almost for eight months while winter and monsoon both individually run for two months.

- Do you like the place where you live?
Yes, because all basic amenities are easily available and accessible like education institutes, health clinics and downtown all are within 5 to 7 km. 

- Do you use a map?
yes, I do 

- In your country do people usually use a map?
well when they go on a touring during that time they usually use paper maps, and new generation they use very effectively as they have map application in their smartphone

- When you were young did you use map?
No, not at all, because I always wondered with my father, and he figured out all routes by his own ways, so never bothered at that time.

- What do you like about this place?
it has been a great place to live as it has been a cosmopolitan place with great holiday destinations, millions of tourists use to come every year.

- What don’t you like? Why?
well people don't have proper sense of driving, they blow horn continuously, park their vehicles haphazardly, that seems very irritating.

- Do you plan to stay there longer? Why?
As long as benefits like job prospects and better living standard, I will have been getting, till that time I will stay.

- Do you like shopping?
yes I do

- Where do you usually shop?
its not pretty fixed, when we go for a hangout on a weekend, during that time we come across many malls or branded outlets as well as of street markets, we buys things from all such places where we find the products that we are looking for.
- Do you like it? Why?
yes by all means, who doesn't like shopping, see actually its a leisure activity and we can channelize our mood from routine's boring life.

- What are your routine eating habits?
- Do you eat fast food regularly?
- What type of food do you like the most? Why?
- Did your food preferences change since you were a child?
- Do you watch TV regularly?
- How does regular and unlimited TV-watching affect children, in your opinion?
- Have you been to a museum?
- Do you find museums helpful?
- Do you think schools should take students to museums?
- Are you satisfied with the field that you chose?
- When did you meet your best friend at last?
- How much time do you spend with your friends?
- What type of activities do you usually do together?
- Would you like to have few good friends or many just friends?
- What is your favourite colour? Why?
- Did it change since your childhood?
- Do you wear bright colours more than dull colours?
- What colours would you choose to paint walls in your house? Why?
- What is your favourite wild animal? Why?
- Do you usually go to the zoo?
- Do you prefer to work mornings or afternoons? Why?
- What kind of music do you like? Why?
- What kind of music do you dislike? Why?
- Do you like when it is raining? Why?
- Are there many rainy days in your country?
- What is the meaning of your name?
- Which tax do you like? Why?
- What is your favourite food ?
- What food was you favourite as a child?
- Did your mother allow you to eat it?
- When did you cook something for the first time?
- Do you like to take photos?
- Which type of photos do you like?
- Let’s talk about photography.
- Do you prefer to take photos with your mobile or a camera?
- How did people take photos in the past?
- Why do people take photos during special occasions?
- Would you like to become a professional photographer?
- Do you read blogs before planning your travel?
- What do you like about the place you live in?- Is this place suitable for kids and families?
- What do you like the most about this place?

- Do you prefer to be with relatives or friends?
- Do you think guests should do house chores when they visit?
- Let’s talk about your weekly schedule.
- Do you do the same things every day?
- What is your favourite day of the week? Why?
- What is the busiest day of the week for you?
- If you could change something in your daily schedule what would you do it? Why?
- What changes would you do exactly?
- What type of weather do you like?
- Do you discuss the weather with your friends?
- Do you use a computer at work?
- How important is it for you? Why?
- When did you see a computer for the first time?
- When did you use it for the first time?
- What was it for?
- Do you think it is good that children are exposed to computers at an early age now? Why?
- Is it an appropriate place for families?
- Do you know a lot of people there?
- What type of food do you like?
- How often do you eat fast food?
- Did you learn to cook when you were a child?
- What types of material can be recycled?
- Do you think people’s attitude toward recycling has changed?
- Can people be motivated to recycle? How?
- Do you plan to move somewhere else in the near future?
- How often do you refer to dictionaries?
- Did you ever think about writing a dictionary?
- Do you watch TV?
- What kind of TV shows do you watch?
- Why do you like them?
- Do you like shopping?
- What specific shopping center do you like to go to?
- Do you remember the first day at the university?
- Let’s talk about maps.
- Do you use maps?
- Do you prefer electronic or paper maps?
- Did you learn how to use a paper map?
- What day of the week do you like the most? Why?
- What is the busiest day of your week?
- Do you want anything to be changed in this routine?
- What would you like to do?
- Do you like to visit museums?
- Do you think museums are important? Why?
- Did you visit museums when you were a child?
- Do you recommend children to visit museums? Why?
- What type of music do you like? Why?
- What music don’t you like? Why?
- Can you play any musical instrument?
- What languages do you speak?
- Would you like to learn another language?
- What language would it be? Why?
- Do you think it is difficult to learn English


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