* Family Introduction *
1st:   (1) oh;hi Clara 
2nd:  (2) I'm fine Vijay. How are  you?

1st:   (3) I'm also fine, by the way, tell me Clara,
Do you live alone or with family?    
2nd:  (4) well I live with my family and what about you?                                                                    
1st:   (5) I also live with my family.                              
2nd:  (6) By the way Vijay, do you live in a joint family 
               or in a nuclear (separate from parents) family?   
1st:   (7) I live in a nuclear family and what about you
2nd:  (8) I live in a joint family.

1st:   (9) So, How many members are  in your family?   
2nd:  (10) well there are seven members in my family and
                in your family?

1st:   (11) There are four members in my family.             
2nd:  (12) By the way Vijay, Do you have any siblings
                (brothers and sisters)?

1st:   (13) I have a brother only and what about your
2nd:  (14) well I have a sister only and what about the
                grand parents? do you  have?                                                                                                                                                      
1st:   (15) No, I don't and do you have?
2nd:  (16) yes, I do

1st:   (17) Tell me Clara, what does your father do ?          
2nd:  (18) He has his own shop and your father ?
1st:   (19) He is a clerk in a bank.                                          
2nd:  (20) By the way Vijay, what does your mother do ?
1st:   (21) She is a housewife and what about your
2nd:  (22) She is also a housewife but some time she
                 helps my father in his shop.  
1st:   (23) By the way, I m getting late,                                
2nd:   (24) OK, Bye Bye. See you later, bye.



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