Smoking is a menace in public places so should be banned. Discuss.

Today many smokers reckon a ban on smoking in public places as a seizure of their personal freedom, however, this change; though irritating to those chain smokers but can minimize the increasing influence of smoking publicly.

First, passive smokers are more susceptible to the detrimental effects of smoking on their health. Thus, on account of a few smokers, those who do not smoke have to suffer some serious health problems, which many health experts, being strong exponent of a healthy lifestyle, oppose strongly. 

Another reason for justification of a ban on smoking is that very often children learn to smoke by watching adults smoking in public places. If people smoke in their own rooms, they will not likely to inspire others to smoke. In a nutshell, smoking in public places is culpable for spreading of addiction, so it ought to be banned.

Furthermore, occasional accidents caused by a smoldering butt of cigarette dumped carelessly provide strong corroboration for a prohibition on smoking in public places. Many times such accidents claim thousands of lives and wreak havoc on buildings. 

Last but not least, polluted poisonous emitted fumes by smoking in public places certainly aggravate the youth and motivate them to commit which results in their bad health with downing their resistance power. 

Thus, a ban on smoking in public places should be welcomed immediately. This will curb many above mentioned nuisances certainly. Nevertheless, Government should provide special smoking zone at regular distances in public places which will not only console to some smokers but also lessen the exposure of smoking in public. 

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