Seeing that this is an age of technology, we cannot dispense with technology. Expound.

Technology has become so much part and parcel of life nowadays that users cannot even imagine a moment without any technology, whether it is a car or a simple stapler. However, people might face the problem of over dependency if they cannot wean themselves off technology.

To begin with, the device that wakes us up in the morning is nothing but an outcome of some technology. Thus, if there were no alarm clocks, we would be late in everything. And, we go to work by bus, by train or in a car, which shows about the intrusion of inextricably interwoven technology in our life. At work, most of our work is done with help of some kind of technology.

However, some people are irrationally against technology. In fact, our life, sans technology, will be like living in a stone age. If we are deprived of technology, a great number of facilities will be lost. For instance, we will not have any means of communication barring face-to-face communication and walking will be the only way of transport. Hence, nobody would like to go back to the dark ages

Though some concerns regarding threats posed by technologies are not out of place. To illustrate this, if cyber crimes are on the rise, security can be tightened to battle against these crimes. Thus, by curbing misuse of technology and encouraging its positive use, we can harness technology for the development of our nation.

In a nutshell, people should exploit the endless benefits of technology; simultaneously they should also keep themselves aware to do things without it; Because we cannot be safe or independent unless we have clue to live without technology.


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