Latest IELTS essay band 7 answer: Many people think that today animals are very badly treated. Do you agree or disagree and suggest How they should be treated? 

         Today there has been a major concern for the rights of the animals as many of them have been increasingly extinct; e.g., lion, tiger, whales etc. and even treated badly in zoos and circus. Some people want special residence, restricted for human activities, like sanctuaries, can benefit animals for their surviving.

         In the present scenario, many wild animals are kept in zoos behind bars and some of them are given training with extreme pressure and torture for the circus. On the other side, many people keep domestic animals like dogs, cats etc. for their hobby and for their status symbol. Some people keep such animals to break their loneliness. Moreover, many people in undeveloped regions use animals like camels, horses, oxen for pulling their vehicles.

         However, sometimes people fail to take care of animals properly and ruin their health and often they throw them on the streets where they feel insecurity and terror of other stray animals. Furthermore, some people hunt animals for their skins or organs as they are sold very costly in the international market. Nevertheless, the government can make a panel for a specific region and can monitor on the activities of people. Meanwhile, they can develop national parks and sanctuaries for the development and conservation of wild animals.
         Thus, the government should restrict people by keeping animals as it is against the law of freedom and should promote the preservation programs for animals otherwise they will remain no longer existed. In addition, the government should fine or punish to the offenders, treating animals badly. This trend will secure animals from their disappearance.


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