Part 2 cue card
Describe an interesting historical event recently happened in your country?

Well I would like to talk about the event of demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees currency note affected its ban from 8th October 2016. This incident had erupted chaos and situation of havoc in mindset of people. To curb the menace of corruption. 

The way some people do business in cash pay less text and accumulate (gather) huge wealth of cash even. So for stopping that mal-practices motivating people for digital transaction Mr. Pm Narendra Modi had revolutionarily performed a major role in that event. Because such step to take can’t be reckon easy. Mr. Narendra Modi has been a man of vision as a great decision maker. And has promised people to restore their normal life by giving change of 500 and 1000 note in 50 days. 

Many lines and ques of people stood outside all banks. Bank didn’t have adequate stock of new 500 and 2000 currency note. Government some how failed to give enough supply throughout the nation. Because of what, some people dead losing their stamina or because of heat stroke during standing in line in hot afternoon. 

It was a kind of scenario looked like informal emergency might get created by government. Opposition didn’t get clue of this event before until its announced. So many corrupt politicians, policemen, bureaucrats got great shocked. As they had consolidated huge black money finally got vanished and proved scrap paper.      
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